English Debating Team

Our English Debating Team has got off to a fantastic start this year. They have managed to win their first two debates, and have therefore booked themselves a place in the final, which will be held in mid-December. The team have debated on current affairs topics, such as the benefits of organic food and Hong Kong’s pedestrian zone expansion.


Luk Wing Yan, Kibby 4E (22)
Chan Hoi Tung, Phoebe 4E (3)
Chan Yee Lok, Joyce 4E (4)
Kwok Kok Lam, Carrie 4E (11)
Lo Hiu Wa, Vanessa 4E (21)
Wong Hoi Tung, Yuki 4E (27)
Lee Hoi Pui, Beryl 4D (20)