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  The English Society  
LPS has fantastic atmosphere in which to learn English, and the English Society has made a valuable contribution in making this possible! Whether it's the English pop songs played in the morning or at lunch breaks, or the informative display boards seen around the school, all students are likely to notice their creations. In promoting a bilingual environment, students can be better prepared for the outside world: LPS is a mini-society. We hope the English Society keeps up its good work!

Chatteris Office Programme

A chance to learn English for executives! 8 LPS students discovered the inner workings of a business environment under the Programme. Monthly meetings with a senior executive of the Information Technology Services Department of Hong Kong Land Limited ensured improvement in both discussion and presentation skills. More exposure means better English!

Letter from Mr Wong of Hongkong Land Limited
English Web Page Production Class

Students learn practical Information Technology skills, and discover the significance of English as a universal language on the World Wide Web. Creating web pages allowed students to combine English learning with their own interests. Studying English really can be a multi-media experience!

English Country Dance

Cultural exchange reached new levels when Mrs. Morgan and Ms. Tsang used English to teach students the basics of English Country Dance. Students used their listening skills and had great fun trying out something new. Such a unique experience is certainly not what you would expect from a normal school day!

Preparing Christmas Decorations

The English Corner got ready for Christmas by inviting the students to help make decorations: angels, snowmen, gingerbread men, and even reindeers. Ideas might come from the NET and ELTA, but the real artistic talent was in the students' generous contributions. Valuable practice following instructions created a brilliantly festive classroom. Now no one can forget about Christmas!