STEM Education

Our school is devoted to promoting STEM Education. In addition to participating in the School-based Support Services provided by the Education Bureau, we have also introduced elements of STEM into other subjects as a part of our interdisciplinary programme. With a view to keeping our school updated with the new trend of the development of Information Technology, we have integrated Computer Studies with Design & Technology in junior forms and established a new subject called Innovative Technology, hoping to nurture students’ creativity and problem-solving skills.


In order to be aligned with the curriculum development of Innovative Technology, we have transformed our Multimedia Learning Centre into the STEM Lab and optimised the supporting facilities.





Subjects involved


3-D Printing

Innovative Technology, Mathematics, Visual Arts

Rocket Car

Science, Mathematics,

Innovative Technology, Visual Arts


Smart Home

Science, Mathematics,

Innovative Technology






8 Oct 2023

An Innovative Lifting Device Competition for Secondary School Students

5 S.5 students participated

Oct - Nov 2022

Artificial Intelligence competition

“AI x HK OpenCup 2022”

13 S.5 and S.6 students participated

12 Nov 2022

Robotic Workshop

5 S.1 students participated

Nov - Jan 2022

Underwater Robotics Workshop

14 S.2 students participated

Dec 2022 – Mar 2023

Hong Kong Secondary School Students

IdeaPOP! 2023 Startup Pitch Competition

4 S.4 students participated

14 Jan 2023

CDNIS Invitational Underwater Robotic Competition

11 S.2 students in 3 teams participated


First runner-up

Best Communication

Sep 2022 - June 2023

IT Innovation Lab in Schools

- Immersive Python Coding Workshop

- Basic Python Application Course

- Advanced Coding Application in Financial    Technology (Fin Tech)

- School VR Virtual Tour Couse




Underwater Robotic Competition Underwater Robotic Competition First runner-up Squad
Students Introducing Smart Home to Ms Law Dr Paul Liu Guiding Students to Conduct a STEM Project
Lifting Device Competition for Secondary School Students VEX Robotics
Rockt Car STEM Activity Students Designing Rocket Cars