Students’ Union

Since its establishment in the academic year of 1999-2000, the Students’ Union has nurtured numerous outstanding student leaders.


It is the Union’s mission to facilitate the communication between our students and external organisations and to foster students’ collaboration, sense of responsibility, autonomy and leadership. Through organising a variety of academic and recreational activities, the Union strives to promote better understanding between students and teachers.


Students’ Union Activities



Christmas Singing Contest



The Current-term Students’ Union: Shine



Student Names

YEUNG, Hoi Chun

Vice-President (External)

CHAN, Kwun Ming

Vice-President (Internal)

CHAN, Ka Kei


WONG, Sze Yi

General Affairs Secretary

MUI, Hiu Ching

General Affairs Secretary

FOK, Ka Yan

Recreation Secretary

LAM, Ching Yan

Recreation Secretary


Financial Secretary

ZHANG, Tsz Tung

Financial Secretary

WONG, Lok Tsun

Promotion Secretary

CHEN, Jiashen

Promotion Secretary

LAU, Hiu Mei