Subjects Offered

Subjects Offered to Senior Form Students (2023-24)


Our school has established the New Senior Secondary Curriculum (NSS) Committee since 2005 in order to plan and construct the NSS curriculum under the 3-3-4 Academic Structure. To accept this new challenge, we regularly evaluate our curriculum structure and time allocation for different subjects so that the NSS curriculum can be successfully and smoothly launched in our school.


Our school is dedicated to providing an extensive and well-balanced curriculum for our students. Under the NSS Academic Structure, in addition to the four core subjects, our senior form students can also choose from a total of 12 elective subjects to study two or three of them and take Applied Learning (ApL) courses. In addition, our school provides a wide variety of Other Learning Experiences (OLE), including Moral and Civic Education, Physical Development, Aesthetic Development, Community Service and Career-oriented Experience.


Subjects to be offered to senior form students in 2023/24  School Year:

Core subjects

Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Citizenship and Social Development

Elective A

(2023-24 S4)

Chinese History





Elective B

(2023-24 S4)

Tourism & Hospitality Studies


Visual Arts

Business, Accounting & Financial Studies


Elective C

(2023-24 S4)

Chinese History

Tourism & Hospitality Studies

Mathematics Extended Part Module 2


Information & Communication Technology


Applied Learning Courses(Elective Subjects only for S.5 and S.6 students)


Physical Development

Aesthetic Activities

Moral and Civic Education

Community Service

Life Planning


Bridging strategies from Junior to Senior Secondary Education:

In addition to curriculum planning, teachers of all subjects adopt different teaching strategies to equip students with sufficient skills for senior secondary learning. Apart from introducing e-learning, our school actively promotes self-regulated learning in teaching and learning as well as STEM education, with a view to developing students’ generic skills. Moreover, our school has been fostering a rich reading culture, hoping that our students can develop keen interest in exploring different academic disciplines through reading. These learning promotion strategies have been implemented smoothly, and it can be observed that students’ self-study skills are enhanced. Our school values all-round education because we believe it can expose students to a wide range of learning experiences that can in turn strengthen their motivation in learning.