School Facilities

To facilitate the implementation of e-learning, our classrooms are equipped with a full range of hardware and software, including a robust wireless network, interactive whiteboards, Apple TV and also a solar energy power system. Our school facilities include the School Hall, School Library, Music Room, Visual Arts Room, Laboratories, Home Economics Room and T&L Room. The English Corner provides students with a comfortable, fun and relaxing environment to practise English. Our school also offers a variety of sports facilities, including two basketball courts, a volleyball court, two badminton courts and a handball court. The installation of energy-generating bikes at the Fitness Corner encourages students to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions. The renovated STEM Learning Centre is well equipped with a wide range of STEM learning and teaching hardware and ancillary facilities, allowing students to be exposed to diverse interactive learning experiences.


School Hall

STEM Learning Centre

Student Activity Room

School Library

English Corner

Fitness Corner

Home Economics Room

Music Room



Relax Corner

Solar Energy Power System