Reading Promotion

Our school attaches great importance to students' reading proficiency. In order to create a positive reading environment in the school, the school flexibly uses different strategies to ensure that students develop their interest in reading in the process of learning. The English Department collaborates with the School Library in launching various reading programmes. To boost students’ language proficiency, it also promotes online reading programmes, making reading an integral part of the curriculum. Many language arts elements have been incorporated into the curriculum to improve the quality of language education.


The Chinese Department integrates a variety of set texts into our curriculum, exposing students to classical and modern masterpieces of Chinese literature and expanding their literary horizons. We strive to enhance continuity between junior and senior levels by providing opportunities for students to appreciate literature across the curriculum. Each year, we select different annual reading themes, such as ‘Family Love’ and ‘Righteousness’, and hold book recommendation competitions to encourage students to share intriguing parts of their chosen books related to the theme. In addition to visual display, we use different strategies to create a positive reading environment, such as online resources and reading groups, to foster a lifelong love for reading.


Book Recommendation Competition on the Theme of ‘Family Love’

English Reading Activities

Teachers' Sharing of Personal Reading Experiences


Touring a bookstore