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The Power of Collaboration: LPSMC Joins Hands with Hong Kong Secondary Schools for Authentic Learning

5 Dec , 2023

The Power of Collaboration: LPSMC Joins Hands with Hong Kong Secondary Schools for Authentic Learning


November witnessed two inter-school activities that showcased the spirit of collaboration and preparedness among Form Six students at LPSMC. Partnering with three Hong Kong secondary schools, LPSMC provided a platform for real-life, authentic experience in preparation for the upcoming HKDSE Paper 4 speaking exam.

During each activity, students engaged in three invigorating group discussions, honing their communication and critical thinking skills. The results were successful, with LPSMC students exhibiting accomplished performance and garnering positive feedback. Our students expressed profound gratitude for the significant benefits they gained from these activities.

The collaborative nature of these events created a vibrant and supportive environment, fostering growth, confidence, and exam readiness. Students experienced firsthand the value of teamwork, diverse perspectives, and effective communication. The inter-school activities should provide a stepping stone towards their success in the HKDSE exams.

LPSMC remains committed to providing enriching opportunities that go beyond traditional classroom learning, empowering students to thrive academically and personally. 

Student Reflections


Yeung Hoi Chun 6E     (22)

I have learnt to use some short conclusions before moving to the next point of the discussion and how to smoothly move to the next point without saying “let’s talk about…”. I think this skill can help me improve my organisation in multiple areas. It can also be used in my writing, not only in speaking. I really liked this experience. If I had the chance to have an inter-school oral practice again, I would definitely go.


Yum Sin Ying 6E (24)

During the group discussion, I have learnt how to interact with other candidates and how to elaborate on their points of view. I learnt a lot of different synonyms or proprietary words which can help me to express my opinions better.


Chu Ho Ming 6E (5)

The event was well-organized and provided a valuable opportunity for us to enhance our oral communication skills. I learnt quite a lot of skills and techniques, all of which enriched my skills in presenting my ideas in a comprehensive way. It was also a pleasure to chat with students from other schools.


Wong Ching Hei 6E    (18)

When I joined the inter-school oral practice, I felt nervous and anxious as it is very different from practicing in the comfort zone of our oral lessons. The English-speaking ability of different students varied a lot, some speak very fluently, some are very good at structuring impressive sentences, some are good at inviting others to join the conversation. It was a good chance for me to be exposed to other candidates that have different levels of English, and it does force me to improve my speaking skills in order to perform at my best.


Cham Kwun Ming Matthew 6E (2)

Throughout this oral practice, I’ve learned a lot of phrases and skills about speaking, especially the way to express my thoughts in a more organised way and the transition between points. I also learned how to spend the time on preparation, and the ways to open the conversation rather than simply repeating the question given. Just a little bit of paraphrasing and adding some adjectives on the issues is a great strategy.


Chan Ka Kei  6E (1)

During the inter-school oral practice, I've learned valuable skills that have boosted my confidence. I've honed my public speaking abilities, improved my articulation, and developed effective communication techniques. Engaging with diverse topics and receiving constructive feedback has empowered me to express myself with conviction and poise.